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Repetitive Stress Injury And Toxic Exposure Claims

Work-related injury or illness is not always tied to a specific accident or incident. Some injuries develop over time from repetitive tasks or from exposure to harmful substances (i.e. chemicals, dust, fumes).

Occupational disease is a special category of workers’ compensation insurance created to handle these complex and often hard-to-prove claims. If you believe that your work duties or workplace exposure to harmful substances caused your health problem, contact Mossman Law Office in Boise, Idaho.

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Occupational Disease Claims

To make a claim for occupational disease, you must:

(a) Have a serious or chronic physical impairment that prevents you from working or limits your ability to perform your job

(b) Prove that the work activity or work environment caused the specific ailment. (A heart attack, for instance, may happen at work but is not necessarily work-related.)

In 25 years of handling workplace injury claims, Mossman Law Office has helped many clients secure benefits for occupational diseases, including:

Repetitive stress injuries — Work that requires the same motions over and over takes a toll on those muscles and connective tissues. The most common claims are carpal tunnel syndrome (wrists), epicondylitis (elbow) and rotator cuff injury (shoulder). Treatment can include complete rest (short-term disability), limited hours or light duty, medical braces or surgical repair. Repetitive trauma to other parts of the body, including hearing loss, can also be the basis for a claim.

Toxic exposure — Workplace toxins (escaped gases, spilled chemicals, toxic dust or fibers) can cause serious and irreversible harm such as lung disease, brain damage, skin disorders or organ damage. We consult with occupational safety experts and medical professionals who can identify the toxic substance and demonstrate the link to the adverse health effect.

Insurance companies may dispute that the injury is severe enough for a disability claim, or that it is work-related. When necessary, our firm hires medical and vocational experts to document the condition and demonstrate how work duties (for example, typing all day or routinely lifting objects above your head) could have caused the injury.

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