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At Mossman Law Office, we have dedicated our careers to standing up for people who cannot work because of job-related injuries or qualifying impairments. Our attorneys have extensive experience in workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims, as well as personal injury cases.

Our goal is to take over the burden of documenting and filing claims, and to protect and assert our clients’ interests in hearings and appeals when deserving people are wrongly and coldly turned down for benefits.

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Photo of Taylor Mossman-Fletcher

Taylor Mossman-Fletcher

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Britney Ocampo


Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson


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Barbara Harper

Managing Partner

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Angelica Alanis

Social Security Team/ Legal Assistant

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Heidi Bird

Litigation Team/ Paralegal CIWCS

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Anne Comstock

Operations Manager

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Heather Phillips

Social Security Team/ Legal Assistant

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Sarah Reif


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Ines Salas

Social Security Team/ Legal Assistant

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Julia Weeks

Litigation Team/ Paralegal CIWCS

Vivian Moya

Vivian Moya

Case Assistant