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Can you get a new job while you’re receiving workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

You may find yourself unable to return to your previous job duties during recovery due to a work-related injury. This can create significant financial strain, along with concerns about how to spend your time productively.

You may start to consider changing jobs entirely. But can you safely make a career move while receiving workers’ compensation benefits? Changing jobs while on Idaho workers’ comp is allowed, but legal considerations apply.

Get medical approval first

Before even considering a new job, you must discuss it with the workers’ comp-approved physician treating your injury. Confirm that the job duties don’t have the potential to exacerbate your condition or cause a re-injury or setback in your recovery. Your doctor may recommend certain restrictions or accommodations you’ll need.

Taking that job could be inadvisable if a prospective employer cannot make reasonable accommodations for your limitations. Taking a job beyond your physical limitations could raise red flags with your workers’ compensation insurer.

Notify your insurer about the job

You are required to keep your workers’ comp insurer informed about any new employment. Since they may require additional paperwork to approve the job change, provide details like the job description, start date, hours and pay rate. The insurer can then evaluate if the new income could allow them to reduce or terminate your wage benefits.

Consider the impact on benefits

While on workers’ comp, your new job’s earnings can be used as a legal tool to adjust your benefits. The amount of your workers’ compensation benefits is calculated based on your pre-injury wages, and any new income you earn may be considered. Depending on your situation, workers’ compensation benefits might be lowered or stopped if your combined income from the new job and the benefits exceed your pre-injury earnings.

There is no outright prohibition on working for a new employer if you’re receiving workers’ comp. However, following the proper procedures can help avoid disrupting your benefits. In that case, working with a workers’ comp legal practitioner can boost your chances of protecting your rights while rebuilding your financial security after a work-related injury.