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The Full Compensation You Deserve

If you file your own work injury claim or hire a lawyer who is inexperienced in workers' compensation claims, you are rolling the dice with your benefits and possibly your health. At Mossman Law Office in Boise, you are represented by a Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation law. I pursue all entitled benefits and I can capably represent you if your claim is denied.

In 25 years of representing people injured at work, I've seen too many workers denied full benefits by callous employers and stingy insurance companies. Contact me today to protect your rights. I serve clients throughout the Boise area and surrounding counties of southwest Idaho.

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Your Workers' Comp Benefits

If you were seriously hurt in a workplace accident, or cannot work because of an occupational disease or other work-related injury, you are entitled by law to certain benefits paid by your employer:

  • Medical benefits — The employer, through its workers' compensation insurance carrier, must pay all reasonable and necessary medical bills. In most cases, you will see a doctor designated by your employer. In some cases, you have the right to see your own physician or chiropractor if you think you are not getting the right care, but you must coordinate with your employer. I can intervene if your bills are rejected or you are being forced back to work before you are healed.
  • Income benefits — If your injury prevents you from working, workers' compensation pays 67 percent of your average weekly wage (up to a cap) while you recuperate. Partial benefits can be paid if you are only able to work part-time.
  • Impairment — You must be compensated for any physical limitation or anatomical loss (severed fingers, back surgery, lost range of motion, chronic pain) from a work-related injury. The impairment is expressed as a percentage of the whole person, with a rating determined by a doctor. If you disagree with your impairment rating, I can help you seek an independent medical examination to determine if the rating is correct.
  • Permanent Disability — If your impairment is severe enough that you can no longer perform your job or must take a lower paying position, you may be entitled to additional benefits. I make sure you get all of the disability payments the law allows. Workers' compensation may also cover vocational retraining if your permanent injury requires you to find a different line of employment.

Third Party Claims

You can't sue your co-worker, boss or employer for negligence, but you may have a personal injury lawsuit against a party outside of your line of employment: an automobile driver who hit you while you were on duty or the manufacturer of defective workplace machinery. I will explore all possible claims.

If your work injury is so serious that you are unable to work at any new job, I can also help you obtain Social Security disability after you have been out of work for 12 months.

I offer a free phone consultation at 208-342-6900, as well as a free in-office follow-up to discuss your case in detail. You can also contact me online. There are no attorney fees unless we secure compensation for you.

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