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Leading hazards that cause injuries at construction sites

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Every occupation has its share of risks and hazards, and construction work is no exception. This explains why construction workers undergo thorough training so they can perform their jobs safely and prevent work-related injuries. 

However, even after thorough training, it is not uncommon for an accident to happen at a construction site. If this happens, you may be eligible for financial restitution through a workers’ compensation claim. But first, what causes construction site accidents and injuries?

Here are three leading causes of injuries at construction sites

Falling objects

Falling objects are quite common at construction sites. If sharp objects fall from a considerable height, they can cause serious bodily injuries. For instance, flying nails and debris or even other construction equipment can cause serious injuries such as fractures and head injuries if a worker is not wearing the right protective equipment. 

Faulty equipment

A faulty ladder is a serious threat to everyone’s safety. This construction equipment can cause trips, slips and falls that can result in life-altering injuries like spinal cord damage, broken bones, head and soft tissue injuries. 

Scaffold mishaps are not uncommon at construction sites either, and these too can cause serious injuries. 

Harmful substances

Construction workers can also be exposed to harmful substances like lead, asbestos and other toxic organic compounds. Asbestos exposure, for instance, can increase the risk of a construction worker developing mesothelioma. Continued exposure to lead and other toxins too can lead to health complications down the road. 

If you are hurt while working at a construction site, you may be eligible for financial compensation for the resulting economic and non-economic damages. Understanding your legal rights and obligations following a construction site injury is a crucial step toward pursuing the justice and compensation that you deserve.