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Electrocution risks in the construction industry

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Electrocution risks are more prominent in construction than in any other sector. Studies indicate that 61% of all workplace electrocutions occur on construction sites.

While there are several injury risks in construction, electrocutions are noteworthy because they are often fatal and life-changing. Electrocution can result in cardiac arrest, severe burns and life-threatening infections.

What are the biggest electrocution risks in construction?

Overhead power lines

Nearly all residences and corporate buildings have a mains supply of electricity. The source of this electricity often comes through overhead power lines.

Construction projects frequently take place very close to these power lines. As long as the appropriate care is taken, this can work out and nobody gets injured. However, when construction companies don’t pay close attention to safety guidelines, such as keeping workers at a safe distance from power lines, accidents can occur.

Electrical wiring

A new building will have electrical wiring systems fitted so that it can power the lights and other appliances upon completion. Refurbished buildings may also have new wiring, or, construction workers may be expected to work around the previously existing wiring.

In any case, there’s a potential for accidents. If old wiring systems have not been deactivated while construction work goes on, electrocution incidents are a real possibility. If new wiring has not been fitted according to safety codes, then workers are also at risk.

Not only can electrocution accidents be fatal, but they can lead to life-changing injuries. If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to some financial help while you recover. Seeking legal guidance will provide you with more information about workers’ compensation benefits.