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3 common types of machine shop injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Machine shops provide valuable components for various manufacturing processes. Machinists are highly skilled professionals who use a variety of machinery to produce these parts. Proper safety procedures and protocols are critical in this industry.

Understanding the risks of machine shop injuries is crucial for workers and management. With their array of heavy machinery, sharp tools and hazardous materials, machine shops are environments where safety must be a top priority. 

Traumatic amputations

In machine shops, traumatic amputations are a severe risk, often resulting from interactions with heavy machinery. These amputations usually occur when limbs or fingers get caught in or struck by machinery such as CNC machines, saws, presses or milling machines. The nature of these injuries is often life-altering, requiring immediate medical attention and potentially leading to long-term disability.

Chemical and thermal burns

Workers in machine shops are frequently exposed to chemicals and high-temperature materials. Chemical burns can happen through direct skin contact with corrosive substances like acids or solvents used in the shop. Thermal burns are typically a result of exposure to hot surfaces, welding operations or hot fluids. Both types of burns can vary in severity, with severe cases necessitating urgent medical care.

Crushing injuries

Crushing injuries in machine shops are often the result of mishandling heavy materials or machinery. These injuries can occur if a worker gets trapped between objects, such as machinery and a hard surface, or is struck by moving equipment. The outcomes of such incidents can be severe, ranging from fractures and internal injuries to fatalities.

While machine shops are vital for various industrial operations, they come with inherent risks. Understanding these risks is the first step towards ensuring safety and minimizing the chances of such unfortunate incidents. If machinists are injured, workers’ compensation will step in, but it’s sometimes necessary to fight for the benefits a worker is due.