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How dangerous are forklifts?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Many construction workers would suffer from exhaustion and overexertion if it wasn’t for forklifts. When in the right hands, experienced and trained forklift operators can quickly and easily speed up the construction process.

While forklifts serve as a great tool for construction workers, they are also very dangerous. If a worker is negligent or inexperienced, they could cause serious accidents. Every year thousands of people suffer non-fatal forklift accidents. These workers often suffer severe injuries that prevent them from working. 

Here are a few forklift accidents that can cause workplace injuries:

Speeding and crashes

Forklift operators should be aware of how fast they are going. Most jobs don’t require workers to reach the maximum speed a forklift can reach. Forklifts can easily get up to speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour. While that may not seem very fast, it’s more than enough to cause severe accidents. 

When forklift operators speed, they have less control over their vehicles. As a result, they may crash and injure the operator.

Pedestrian accidents

Another danger of speeding is pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents happen when someone is hit or struck by a forklift. Many of these accidents happen because of improper training. 

A forklift operator may not stop to give a pedestrian the right of way or improperly signal their intentions, for example. The pedestrian could then be hit by the forklift and suffer severe head and spine injuries.

Rollover accidents

If an operator puts too much weight on the forklift, turns sharply or lifts materials too high, the forklift could fall over. A rollover accident may crush workers. Injured workers could suffer from broken bones and internal organ damage. 

Construction workers who are injured on the job may be eligible for medical coverage and lost wage benefits by applying for workers’ compensation.