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What are the benefits of two-hand control systems?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Many amputation injuries are caused by heavy machinery. The machine is incredibly powerful and may work too quickly for someone to react. An example of this could be a hydraulic press that stamps down to create metal sheet panels for cars. Systems with turning gears, such as conveyor belts, can also pose a significant threat to workers who could become entangled.

One way that manufacturers seek to reduce this danger is by using two-hand control systems. This type of system means that the machine can only be activated when two buttons are pushed at the exact same time. This ensures that the worker’s hands are not in a dangerous position where they could become entangled in the machine or crushed by the press.

Accidents can still happen

Two-hand control systems are better than single-hand control buttons. The problem with a single button is that workers will be very cautious when they are first learning how to use the machine, but they may grow complacent over time. All it takes is one absentminded moment when a worker has their hand in the wrong place to create life-changing injuries or even a permanent disability. With two-hand controls, even if a worker feels complacent and isn’t paying as much attention, they cannot activate the machine without getting their hands out of the danger zone.

In many ways, this is better than simply informing workers of the danger and telling them how to operate the machine safely. Both of these things should still happen, of course, but they are just not a guarantee of safety because workers can still make mistakes. With machines that are designed specifically to prevent those mistakes, it takes the pressure off of the worker and reduces accident rates.

That said, mistakes are always possible. An accident can still happen. Machines malfunction, coworkers do things that are unexpected and much more. Workers who suffer these life-changing injuries on the job need to know exactly what options they have.