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Certified Specialist in Work Injury Law

If you were injured in the course of your job, your employer's workers' compensation insurance must cover all related medical expenses and loss of income. At least that's what Idaho law says.

Claims are sometimes rejected if the employer denies the accident occurred or disputes that the injury is work-related, or if the insurance company believes you are able to return to work without loss of income. Sometimes the benefits do not cover ongoing medical expenses, or benefits are terminated or reduced before you are healed.

Boise, Idaho Workers' Compensation Lawyer
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Mossman Law Office can take up your case at any stage and fight for your full compensation. I am Hugh Mossman, certified by the Idaho State Bar as a Workers' Compensation Specialist. I bring 25 years of experience in work injury cases, representing employees in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Twin Falls, Mountain Home and throughout southwest Idaho.

Protecting Your Workers' Compensation Rights

I have handled all types of work injuries, including temporary and permanent disability from work-related accidents and occupational disease developed from repetitive tasks or toxic exposures in the workplace.

It is best to contact an attorney early in your case to hold the employer and its insurance company to its obligations. I can make sure that you receive all entitled benefits or represent you at a hearing before the Idaho Industrial Commission if you are turned down for workers' compensation benefits.

I offer an honest assessment of your case, diligent preparation of your claim and fierce representation if you are being shortchanged or mistreated. Every client receives my individual attention, including regular updates on the progress of the case.

Talk Directly to a Workers' Compensation Specialist

Call my Boise office at 208-342-6900 or contact me online. I offer a free phone consultation and free in-office follow-up to explain your rights and examine your unique injured-at-work claim.

Note: Mossman Law Office does not represent federal employees or handle out-of-state claims.

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